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Genuine Medela spare part

Supplied to us in bulk directly from Medela UK, this silicone tube is designed to fit a range of Medela electric breast pumps. It has Medela's original yellow triangular profile connector at each end.

The original PVC (clear/hard) Swing tube is not currently imported into the UK. This replacement tube (designed, manufactured and supplied to us by Medela) will work properly with the Swing, Lactina and Symphony breast pump. We have been selling this product for around 10 years.

Please read the hygiene instructions below. Select this link for a picture of the tubes in their Medela factory packaging (opens new window).

Genuine Medela tube for Swing breast pump

Medela silicone tube (Swing etc.) (1)

Product code: 800.0659


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This genuine medela product is supplied non-sterile. Sterilise before use.

Customers may note the presence of a powder-like substance on the outside of the tube. This is applied in the factory to prevent the tubes from clinging to each other and to the packaging (they are supplied to us in bags of 25).

The tube may be sterilised by most electric steam sterilisers, most microwave sterilisers, boiling or good old-fashioned 'sterilising-fluid in cold-water tank'.

Considering that most sterilising mishaps we hear of have involved heating this product, we recommend cold-water methods. If you prefer microwave bags, ensure that there is sufficient water in the bag prior to use. Furthermore, be advised that some 'express' electric steam sterilisers can achieve extremely high temperatures.

Do not autoclave this product.

Whilst some breast pump milk collection set parts are screwed together, many, such as tubes, valve-holders and two-part breastshields are a 'push fit'.

All breast pumps, regardless of make or model, are reliant on the creation of a partial vacuum in order to work. Air entering the collection set in the wrong place can effectively disable the pump.

It is therefore vital that the assembled parts are designed to work together. The only manufacturer who produces Medela components to Medela's specification is Medela.