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Genuine Medela product

Latest version 009.0005. A breastfeeding assistance kit for mums and babies facing special challenges, such as inducing lactation. Keeps the baby on the breast, ensuring the stimulation needed to maintain lactation and the intimacy between mother and baby.

Please seek advice from your preferred Health Professional before using this product.

Genuine Medela SNS

Medela Supplemental Nursing System

Product code: 009.0005


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This product is supplied non-sterile in plain packaging. It is supplied to us in bulk directly from Medela UK.

Considering that most sterilising mishaps we hear of have involved heating this product, we recommend cold-water methods.

Whilst some breast milk feeding system parts are screwed together, many, such as tubes, SNS valves and valve-holders, or two-part breastshields are a 'push fit'.

It is therefore vital that the assembled parts are designed to work together. The only manufacturer who produces Medela components to Medela's specification is Medela.