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Genuine Medela spare part

This Medela Freestyle tube is supplied as standard equipment with the current version of the Medela FreeStyle double electric breast pump. It is designed for use in conjunction with the Medela Freestyle/Swing maxi breastshield connector.

For the added flexibility of single-pumping, one tube may be sealed off by inserting the tip into the socket at the top of the yellow three-way tube connector (see photo below).

This part will not fit the Swing breast pump or Swing/Harmony connector.

Genuine Medela Freestyle tube

Medela Freestyle tube (1)

Product code: 200.1692


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This product is supplied non-sterile in plain packaging. It is supplied to us in bulk directly from Medela UK.

The membranes contained within the Medela Freestyle/Swing maxi breastshield connectors will prevent milk from entering the tube or pump motor*. Therefore, during normal operation, there is no need to sterilise this tube, just rinse it through occasionally with warm soapy water (condensation inside the tube is to be expected).

If you wish to sterilise it, considering that most mishaps we hear of have involved heating this product, we recommend cold-water methods. If you prefer microwave bags, ensure that there is sufficient water in the bag prior to use. Furthermore, be advised that some 'express' electric steam sterilisers can achieve extremely high temperatures.

Do not autoclave this product.

*Membranes must be in good condition to allow correct operation of the pump. Connectors must be correctly assembled

Whilst some breast milk feeding system parts are screwed together, many, such as tubes or two-part breastshields are a 'push fit'. An air leak on any connection will disable the pump.

It is therefore vital that the assembled parts are designed to work together. The only manufacturer who produces Medela components to Medela's specification is Medela. Genuine Medela Freestyle tubes have the word 'Medela' embossed on the central yellow hub.