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Medela Freestyleâ„¢ electric breast pump parts

Genuine Medela parts, fully compatible with your Freestyle breast pump

Order before 2pm (Monday-Friday) for same-day dispatch. Callers to our Sutton Coldfield office are welcome by appointment.

medela standard 24mm breastshield funnel

Medela 24mm breastshield

Product code: 810.7084


Price £ inc. VAT

This is the breastshield front section which is currently included with UK versions of Medela's Freestyle, Swing Maxi, Swing, Harmony and Mini-Electric breast pumps. The part is referred to as 810.7084 in the UK instruction manual. We also sell this item as a twin pack, part number 008.0338.

medela freestyle breastshield connector

Medela Freestyle connector


medela freestyle tube

Medela Freestyle tube


medela 150ml bottles

Medela 150ml bottles (3)

Product code: 800.0796


Price £ inc. VAT

Pack of three 'standard' BPA-free breast milk storage bottles which will fit both your Medela breastshield connector and your Medela bottle holder/base.

Bottles have an easy to read filling scale and are supplied with two-part lids. Medela's storage bottles are safe to use in the freezer and are compatible with Medela's slow-flow teats, medium-flow teats and teat covers.

medela 250ml bottles

Medela 250ml bottles (2)

medela freestyle 12v uk transformer

Medela UK transformer 12v

Product code: 099.0272


Price £ inc. VAT

Medela's latest switching type UK power supply for the Freestyle and Swing Maxi breast pumps. It will work with Freestyle breast pumps old and new. Fits UK 3-pin 220-240v sockets and supplied with a US/JP adapter (a voltage converter is not required for use in the US).