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Ameda one-handed manual breast pump

with Flexishield

One-hand breast pump, supplied non sterile.

Now 100% BPA-free.

Ameda one hand manual breastpumpFeatures

  • Ergonomically designed pump which is easy to use and gives suction control with minimum effort.
  • Standard 25mm breastshield tunnel
  • One handed operation allows simultaneous nursing of baby to encourage let down and can be used with either a collection bottle or freezer bag.
  • UK version includes an Ameda Flexishield breastshield designed to provide increased stimulation to the areola area for faster milk flow.

Parts included
(all availiable as spares)Ameda manual breastpump with Flexishield

Optional accessories


Plus - free ongoing telephone and email support from our UK NHS qualified Specialist Practitioner.


Ameda manual breast pump

Product code: 17066EB

Price: £19.95 inc. VAT


Customers who already have a complete Ameda Hygienikit milk collection set can make their own Ameda manual breast pump by purchasing the Ameda one-handed pump handle converter.

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