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Genuine Ameda spare part

Included with all UK Ameda electric breast pumps.

The Ameda Hygienikit (17111) is the standard breastmilk collection set issued with the Ameda Lactaline Personal Dual Electric breast pump, Ameda Purely Yours (inc. Ultra and Uno models), and the Ameda Elite 'Hospital' breast pump.

The latest Hygienikit is backwards compatible with earlier (silver finish/glass dome) Ameda/Hollister/SMB breast pumps.

Supplied non-sterile - sterilise prior to use. Double pumping requires two of these sets.

The unique product design incorporates a silicone diaphragm which acts as a barrier, effectively preventing milk, bacteria or viruses from entering the tube or breast pump.

This milk collection set comes with the standard (25mm) breast flange. Manufactured from polypropylene. 100% free of Bisphenol-A.

Genuine Ameda bottle. Please don't steal my images.

Ameda Hygienikit (1)

Product code: 17111IP


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Whilst some breast milk feeding system parts are screwed together, many, such as tubes or two-part breastshields are a 'push fit'. An air leak on any connection will disable the pump.

It is therefore vital that the assembled parts are designed to work together. The only manufacturer who produces Ameda components to Ameda's specification is Ameda.