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New Ameda Hygienikit CustomFit™ Flanges

supplied complete with reducing inserts

Pack of 2 larger breastshields compatible with all Ameda breastmilk collection sets.

Ameda CustomFit Flanges

These spare parts are supplied non-sterile, and must be sterilised prior to use.

Manufactured from BPA-free polypropylene and available in two size combinations.



The Ameda CustomFit Flanges are direct replacement parts for all standard Ameda breastshields.

These BPA-free flanges are compatible with all versions of Ameda's HygieniKit, past and present.

The Ameda CustomFit Flanges with inserts should be used when a standard sized breastshield (25mm nipple tunnel) is too small for comfortable pumping.

This product provides mothers with a larger breastshield and special reducing inserts to create an 'in-between' size... larger than our standard HygieniKit breastshield, but smaller than the larger breastshield alone.

The Ameda larger breastshields are also compatible with the Ameda One-Handed Manual Pump Converter.

If the standard 25mm breastshield is too large, then we now stock Ameda's 23mm reducing inserts - see our page here.

If you have experienced soreness or discomfort whilst expressing, please take a moment to read our sizing guide before confirming your purchase.

Warning This part must not be microwaved. Ameda recommend steam, boiling or cold-water sterilisation methods.


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Ameda CustomFit breastshields with reducing inserts (2).

171481P - Size XL with L inserts (30.5mm/28.5mm nipple tunnel)
173581 - Size XXXL with XXL inserts (36mm/32.5mm nipple tunnel)

Price: £12.95 inc. VAT

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