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ARDO breast milk cool bag kit

Complete with six ARDO bottles and two ice packs

ARDO Breast Milk Cool Bag

Narrow necked bottles that fit directly to ARDO and other leading brands of breastpump collection sets. Transport up to 900ml of expressed breast milk.

100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free.

Bottle features

  • 150ml / 5oz capacity
  • Fits the Calypso bottle base and holder
  • Two-part lids accept 'standard neck' or 'narrow neck' teats
  • Clear filling gauge
  • Do not shatter or splinter - even when dropped
  • Can be sterilised in the home using electric steam steriliser, boiling for 5 minutes or cold water sterilisation i.e. Milton

Cool bag use

Inside the ARDO cool bagThe insulated cool bag holds the six supplied bottles upright, surrounded on two sides by the two freezer packs.

The contents will thaw from the 'outside in' - therefore it is important that the freezer packs surround the bottles as opposed to slotting in between like other brands.

No guarantees can be made with regards to the insulating properties of the bag.

Customers are advised to conduct their own experiments in keeping milk cool for long periods (you will need some cow's milk and a thermometer) - a lot depends on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the milk prior to putting in the bag.

For best results, milk taken from the deep-freeze will take the longest time to fully thaw. This is especially important if you're trying to keep milk cool for a long trip. Other materials such as a 'space' type blanket, tin foil, expanded foam could be used to fill any void spaces. There's nothing to stop you placing the whole thing inside another, larger, cool box - line it with polystyrene for the longest trips. We would be interested to hear of any DIY success stories!

Even if partly thawed, milk which has achieved a temperature of 4 deg. centigrade or less and is transferred to a refrigerator (and continues to be stored at 3-4 deg. centigrade) is still fine for up to 5 days (UNICEF).



ARDO breast milk cool bag outfit
ARDO product code: 64.01.68

Price: £21.95 inc. VAT


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